Alloy Steel Flat Bar 4140 Cold Finished

4140 is an oil hardening steel with reasonably good hardenability. Good machining properties in the annealed condition and somewhat less in the hardened state. When hardened to its most workable hardness of Rockwell 28/32, it exhibits an excellent ratio of strength to ductility or toughness. Cold forming and welding should be done with caution.




Drill collars, fasteners, mechanical tools, axles, gears, oil tools, bolts, shafts machine tool components and valves are just some of the applications of this very versatile alloy.

How To Measure:

A (Thickness) X B (Width)

  • Carbon .38/.43
  • Manganese .75/1.00
  • Phosphorus .035 max
  • Sulfur .040 max
  • Silicon .15/.35
  • Chrome .80/1.10
  • Molybdenum .15/.25
Mechanical Properties:
  • Annealed Cold Finish BHN 241 max

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