Carbon Steel Pipe Schedule 40

Based on the ASTM A500 Grade B these pipes do not qualify for internal pressurized components or plumbing of water or gas and are meant to be used strictly in structural applications.


ASTM A53 Grade B
ASTM A106 Grade B/C


These pipes are specified for bridges, buildings, and general structural purposes. They can also be used for mechanical applications such as rolls, fence posts, railings and columns.

How To Measure:

ID (Inside Diameter) & W (Wall)

  • Carbon .27 max
  • Manganese .27/1.06
  • Phosphorus .048 max
  • Sulphur .058 max
Mechanical Properties:
  • Tensile Strength = 60,000 PSI min (Grade B)
  • Tensile Strength = 70,000 PSI min (Grade C)
  • Yield Strength = 35,000 PSI min (Grade B)
  • Yield Strength = 40,000 PSI min (Grade C)

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