Carbon Steel Plate

ASTM A36 is the most basic of structural steels manufactured to mechanical properties for design purposes. The chemistry is a little less specific allowing the manufacturer room to make the properites required. The combination of low Carbon and slightly elevated Manganese gives the materiala combination of deined strength, good weldability and reasonable machinability.




Structural applications which include storage tanks, welded pipe, bridge construction, barges, tankers, and mining. Can be used for some mechanical parts as well.

How To Measure:

T (Thickness) X W (Width) X L (Length)

Chemistry: Less than 3/4" thick
  • Carbon .25 max
  • Phosphorus .04 max
  • Sulphur .05 max
Chemistry: Over 3/4" thick
  • Carbon .29 max
  • Manganese .80/1.20
  • Phosphorus .04 max
  • Sulphur .05 max
Mechanical Properties:
  • Tensile Strength = 58,000/80,000 PSI
  • Yield Strength = 36,000 PSI min
  • % Elongation = 18% min

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