All Aluminum Stock Products

Lightweight and versatile, aluminum stock is ideal for a wide range of manufacturing and fabrication applications.

What Is Aluminum Stock?

Aluminum stock refers to aluminum metal in any shape that is cut to specific dimensions.

Aluminum is available in a variety of alloys, each of which has different properties and applications. The most common grades of aluminum stock are 1100, 3003, 5052, 6061, and 6063. 

Aluminum alloys are widely used in the aerospace, automotive, and construction industries due to their strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to corrosion.

Aluminum is also a popular choice for many consumer goods applications such as appliances and electronics thanks to its low cost, malleability, and ability to conduct electricity. Aluminum is also one of the most recyclable materials, so it is a sustainable choice for products that will have a long lifespan.

What Are Aluminum Products Used For?

Aluminum products are used in a variety of industries for everything from construction to electronics. aluminum is an abundant metal that is lightweight yet strong, making it ideal for many applications.

Some of the most common uses for aluminum include:

  • Construction: aluminum is often used in construction because it is strong yet lightweight. It can be used for everything from framing to siding to roofing.
  • Automotive: aluminum is commonly used in the automotive industry because it is strong and durable. It is often used in car frames, engine components, and wheels.
  • Electronics: aluminum is a popular choice for electronics because it conducts electricity well and doesn't corrode. It is often used in circuit boards and electronic enclosures.
  • Packaging: aluminum is often used in packaging because it protects against moisture and degradation. It is commonly used in cans, foil, and other types of packaging.

How is Aluminum Stock Made? 

Aluminum stock is made in a few simple steps:

  1. Aluminum ore is mined from the earth.
  2. Aluminum oxide is purified, and electrolysis is used to extract the aluminum metal.
  3. The aluminum metal is then cast into ingots or billets, which are then rolled into thin sheets or coils.

The aluminum stock products are cut to size and shipped to customers worldwide.

FastMetals Aluminum Products

Through FastMetals, aluminum stock is available in sheetplateflat barround barsquare barpipeextruded angle and channel

How to Choose the Best Aluminum Products

If you want to find the best aluminum products, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Application: Our aluminum comes in various alloys, each with different properties. Make sure to choose an alloy that is well-suited for the application. For example, our 3003 alloy is perfect for use in cooking utensils, chemical equipment, and food containers, while our 5052 alloy is better suited for automotive applications and aircraft construction.
  • Thickness: Our aluminum products come in a range of thicknesses. Choose a thickness that is appropriate for your application. For example, an aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.032” is often used for packaging, while an aluminum plate with a thickness of 0.25” is perfect for construction and automotive applications.
  • Surface Finish: Our aluminum products come in a variety of surface finishes. Aluminum treads are best for applications where slip resistance is important, while a brushed finish is perfect for applications where appearance is important.
  • Sourcing: FastMetals offers only US domestically produced metal stock in all of our offerings. Competitive pricing with foreign sourced materials is a hallmark of our business. 

Can You Buy Aluminum Products Online?

Yes. FastMetals offers aluminum products for sale in a variety of alloys, sizes, and surface finishes. We also offer customized metal stock cut-to-size services so you can get the aluminum products you need without having to overbuy.