FastMetals Features U.S. Domestic Sourced Materials is proud to focus nearly exclusively on United States domestically made metal products. Over 98% of the products we ship are made domestically and sourced from U.S. mills and suppliers. If your project has requirements such as DFARS, or it is simply a preference to support U.S. companies, is here to help.

We are happy to answer any questions about the origin of materials offered as well as to provide certifications as requested or required to comply with your U.S. domestic material requirements at Please note all orders already ship with hard copies of the mill certifications.

What is DFARS?: Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). DFARS is a set of regulations and restrictions governing the sourcing and origination of raw materials. This is meant to protect the U.S. defense industry from being exposed to over reliance on foreign supplied raw materials and supply.

Other Relevant US Domestic Metal Regulations

The Buy American Act: Restrictions on the procurements of Federal agencies.

Buy America Act: Restrictions on purchases using federal grant funds.

The Berry Amendment: Requiring certain DOD purchases include only domestic content.