Stainless Steel Rectangular Tube 304/304L

Type 304/304L stainless steel, or 18-8 as it is sometimes called, combines remarkable resistance to many corrosive environments with mechanical properties similar to most structural steels. It is non-magnetic in the annealed condition and not hardenable by heat treatment. Its strength can be improved by cold work. Type 304/304L or the low Carbon version (.03 max) of 304/304L should be used when welding is required.




Used in clean room equipment, dairy, beverage, food processing equipment, architectural trim and moderately stressed structural components.

How To Measure:

A (Width) X B (Height) X C (Wall)

  • Iron 66.34 - 74 max
  • Carbon .08 max
  • Manganese 2.00 max
  • Phosphorus .040 max
  • Sulphur .030 max
  • Silicon .75 max
  • Chrome 18.00/20.00
  • Nickel 8.00/11.00
  • Copper .75 max
  • Molybdenum .75 max
Mechanical Properties:
  • Tensile Strength = 85,000 PSI
  • Yield Strength = 35,000 PSI min
  • % Elongation = (2") 60% min

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